After the Laughter can provide show
packages to help promote your business.

  • Strolling Magician
  • Close-Up Magic and Balloon Art at the Table

I have performed close up magic in hundreds of bars, night clubs, and restaurants.
And in every one of them I have increased their repeat business.

And that is not all
Having close up magic and balloon art
in your venue has the following advantages

  • It is a great way to entertain people that are waiting for a table when the place is crowded so that they don’t leave for another place that might be less crowded. This is money out the door on a crowded night when this happens.

  • It helps to have personal entertainment like my service when something goes wrong in the kitchen and an order is goofed up. Giving your customers personal entertainment at this time would help hungry customers waiting for their dinner.

  • This kind of personal entertainment guarantees repeat business because customers come back again and again because it adds more fun to a fun place. Plus it adds to the word of mouth advertising of a fun place because they do talk about that trick - done by that magician - in that place.

Call for a quote for your customized show. We will put together a package based upon the desired target audience, length of performances, promotions, etc.